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Evacuation simulator based on pedestrian flow measurement
Recently, the simulation of pedestrians in a crowd environment can be carried out by modeling the pedestrian flows by computer, because of the improvement of computer performance and algorithm. Such simulation technology has come to be used for the prediction of pedestrian flow in a large-scale event, safe verification of a building, and so on. In this research, evacuation action is modeled by measuring the trajectories of about 600 persons in a fire drill, and the simulator reproducing evacuation action is developed. Furthermore, the method of supporting evacuation guidance using the developed evacuation simulator is clarified.

Integration of medicine, engineering and sociology in emergency care
Since the patient who requires lifesaving treatment is losing consciousness in many cases, the usual need for explanation and consent has been disregarded. It considers that medical treatment is a process for the conviction between the parties based on information sharing, and this medical treatment is expressed as the sharing of medical treatment. Achievement of this medical treatment to share is needed in emergency care. In this research, by integration of the image analysis by information engineering, and the communication analysis by sociology, we aim to present a new fundamental model for explanation and consent at the lifesaving spot.

Pedestrian Trajectories Analysis in a Commercial Establishment using a Human Tracking
Seven Ubiquitous Stereo Vision(USV)s are installed in actual commercial establishments, pedestrians are tracked using the USVs, and the pedestrian trajectories are recorded during business hours. In this research, we proposed some methods for analyzing pedestrian trajectories. In detail, we proposed the two methods; 1) Comparing method intelligibly about how pedestrian trajectories changed when there are advertisements and events on the outskirts, 2) Visualization method for the pedestrian trajectories over a long period of time. These results from our methods will surely provide a new service about marketing for the administrators of institutions.

Human Tracking in Natural Environment using Stereo Camera
We are developing the Ubiquitous Stereo Vision (USV) which can calculate a disparity image also in a dark environment like the evening or night. We are especially doing research which extracts humans using this USV. The actual proof experiments are conducted in not only the limited environment such as a conventional laboratory but also more near actual environment such as a crossing, and a office complex, and so on. Since three-dimensional information is restored from the disparity image, not only the position of the human but also the height and the physique are measurable from this USV. Furthermore, a man-or-woman distinction, a family group, and so on may be able to be estimated. Probably, the USV is offered as a powerful sensor for human tracking.

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